The Desmond Hotel Albany

660 Albany Shaker Rd., Albany, NY 12211

Room Block: “NYS JCI” 

Rate: $135/night


Early Registration ends 11:59pm Oct. 11,2019


Registration ( inc. reg. fee & convenience surcharge)

Alternate Paypal Payment Method (no Fees!)

Using or the app on your phone/tablet, send ‪[email protected]‬ the above amount rounded to the nearest $5 increment (ie: $36.40, send $35)


  1. the sender should choose “send to family/friends” (NOT purchasing goods or services)
  2. the sender’s fund should come from either their PayPal balance or bank account (If they use the debit card of their bank account or a credit card, fees will apply. The reason for this is because the credit card companies, i.e. Visa, MasterCard, etc., will charge fees to PayPal for using the card system so in turn, PayPal charges it to users.)