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Message from the 2021 Governor General

May 30, 2021

Dear Fellow Governors,

It is my great pleasure to be elected as your 2021 Governor General for the New York Jaycees Board of Governors during the election meeting in January 2021.

We started the year with the presentation of four Governorships from JCI Philippine-New York and JCI New York State.  We then had a successful first High Council meeting in April, a presentation of the first Governorship for JCI Queens on May 15th and the first Virtual Gathering of Governors on May 23rd. .

With New York State opening up for regular activities, we look forward to the opportunity to reconnect as Governors across the state.  We are also looking to continue giving back to our local Jaycee chapters in whatever way they request.  I encourage all our Governors to be available to assist our chapter through mentorship, supporting projects, becoming resource speakers and attending chapter events, if possible.  The Governorship is one way that the chapter or state honors individuals who have made a significant contribution to the local chapter.  Let’s find ways to give back.

Meanwhile, I wish for all governors and their families a wonderful summer.  I look forward to a Fall season where life will begin to resemble past seasons with kids at school, parents working at our workplaces, and families gathering once again to share special moments in life. We also hope that Jaycee chapters can resume meetings in person and laying the groundwork for some amazing projects to benefit our members and the community. 

Cheers to a wonderful year ahead.

In Jaycee Service,

Jocelyn Bernal # 235

Email:  [email protected]  cell: 347-612-1389

Procedural Notes

Submitting a nomination form from a local chapter:

Chapter nominations can be submitted at any time of the year.

Please allow 30 days prior to presentation date to allow the High Council to deliberate and to have all the materials sent back to the chapter.


Special Governships

2021 Ken Tarler Governorship 

Submission Date – Aug 31, 2021.  

This governorship is presented at the October State Convention and should be given for outstanding contribution in the area of Community Service. Submit the completed nomination packet to the Governor General and the official Governor’s Email for review by the High Council.


2021 President’s Governorship

Submission date – December 31, 2021.

The state president submits to the High Council for verification.  This Governorship will be presented at the year-end state convention


2021 Eric V Kirch Governors’ Governorship

Submit by Nov 15, 2021.  

Submit the nomination packet to the Governor General and the official Governor’s email.  This Governorship will be presented at the year-end state Convention.



Are you interested in taking an active role in the New York State Jaycees Board of Governors? If so, please make sure to pay your dues.

Annual dues:  $20

Lifetime dues:  $200

Dues can be sent:

  • Write a check payable to NYSJC Governors and mailed to P.O. Box 313, Saratoga Springs, NY 12866
  • Pay via Paypal to: [email protected]

Social Media

We have a moderated Facebook page for all governors who would like to just see what we are up to. 

Group name:  New York State Jaycees Board of Governors

  • Do reach out to us at [email protected] if you wish to join the group. If you received an invitation from one of our admins, please do accept the invitation.
  • Share any projects that you may have attended with the local chapter as a way to support them throughout the year.
  • Share any photos where Governors have gathered for the purposes of fellowship and just to catch up with each other!

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